Behind-The-Scenes of Stage Five

Pixelab Studios produced a short film last summer, along with Mike Smith, titled Stage Five. The film follows Sasha, played by Sarah E Jacobs, as she recalls her last moments on Earth after claiming a mysterious voice informed her of her pending death. The film has since screened at film festivals around the country, including the North Hollywood

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Gala : Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

After one month of Kickstarting, six months of planning and four days of filming, we created Gala with an incredible team of filmmakers from around the country. To celebrate the upcoming LA & NYC screenings of "Gala", we've released the "behind the scenes" featurette for the film that was originally only available to Kickstarter backers! “Gala” centers

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Gala Behind-The-Scenes Photos

That's a wrap on "Gala!" After months of planning, storyboarding, fundraising and casting, "Gala" is officially ready for post-production. "Gala" was shot with the Canon C100 Mark II and a set of Rokinon cine prime lenses. Other pieces of equipment included the Zacuto C100 EVF Recoil, Z-Finder EVF Pro, Zacuto Z-Drive Follow Focus with Tornado Grip,

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3X7 Films Pittsburgh Filmmaking Group

3X7 Films is a Pittsburgh based filmmaking group that assembles every week to write, shoot and edit a short film. Our goal is to release a new short every week for a year (often with no script or shot list), while honing our craft and networking with other local talent along the way. The idea was conceived

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Greetings From Pittsburgh Gallery

In case you still haven’t heard, Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. As with my previous Pittsburgh short film “Steel City”, I wanted to showcase the beauty and diversity of the area that many might not have known existed. We have stunning architecture, a diverse culture and an abundance of awesome water fountains. After

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Gala Short Film Q&A

“Gala” is a short film that centers around a lonely writer on the night of his high school reunion. Though so far unsuccessful at getting his ‘big break’, his ex-girlfriend Faye has become an up-and-coming actress in Los Angeles. After being apart for two years, the writer imagines what it will be like to face his former

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48 Film Project 2014 Gallery – Defused

The 48 Film Project is an international competition where teams of filmmakers from around the world write, shoot and edit a short film in forty-eight hours. Instead of competing locally, the 48 Film Project is an online-only competition, which allows teams to shoot their movie anytime, anywhere in the world. As usual, teams are assigned a character, prop and

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Pittsburgh 48 Hour Horror Film 2014 Gallery – Within The Box

The 48 Hour Film Project is an international competition where teams of filmmakers from around the world write, shoot and edit a short film in forty-eight hours. Once the films are completed, they are then screened at a local theater and judged. The best films from around the world go on to

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How It Was Made: Reclamation Brewing Indiegogo

Beer can be more than just an excuse to get drunk. When crafted correctly, beer can actually be a pleasure to drink. Fortunately, craft brewers exist to offer an alternative to the watered down, tasteless experience that we've become accustomed to. Since forming their company, the goal of Reclamation Brewing has been to craft great beers

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How It Was Made: Steel City: Pittsburgh Cinematic Short

Many people believe that Pittsburgh is still the dirty, smokey city that it was in the early 1900's. In reality, the city has radically evolved from its "steel city" roots. If you've ever visited Pittsburgh, you'll notice that there are several distinct areas of the city. These areas have their own unique personality that I was very interested

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