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I was recently interviewed for the December 2016 edition of Lenape Tech’s “Connections” magazine in the “Successful Alumni Profile” section. Below is a transcript of the article.

Things move fast in the world of video production. To keep pace and achieve success in this ultra-competitive industry, young professionals have to develop the diverse technical skill-sets, adopt a disciplined work ethic, and vigorously pursue each and every opportunity presented to them. That’s the story of Lenape Tech grad Brandon Roudebush.

A Kittanning native, Mr. Roudebush graduated from Lenape Tech’s Advertising/Digital Technology program in 2006. He went on to earn a Communications Media degree from IUP in 2010, interned at a major Pittsburgh production house, and immediately started working as a freelance professional in the Pittsburgh market. Mr. Roudebush was contracted by several local companies to do on-location video work and technical support, gaining valuable experience in the industry and building a name for himself in video production community as he progressed. He went on to work on several high-profile network projects for the likes of WGN (Outsiders), HGTV, Discovery Channel, and Oxygen. He also provided contract work for the Pittsburgh Penguins, IUP, and California University of Pennsylvania, as well as several Pittsburgh-based production companies.

After settling into a full-time video editor position for several years, Mr. Roudebush decided to branch out on his own and formed Pixelab Studios about a year ago. He and his wife, Shana, are working together to grow their new enterprise. “I made a lot of connections through freelancing, and that is a huge factor in this industry. Now, the people and projects that we get to work on is very exciting stuff.”

Mr. Roudebush’s diversity of experience and talents molded him into a well-rounded media professional. But what he enjoys most is the “storytelling” aspect of his craft. “Video can be incredibly powerful, and understanding the ways to evoke a certain emotion from the audience through techniques like camera movement, color, and pacing is what excites me about the medium,” explains Mr. Roudebush. “I love taking an idea from a client and translating it into something meaningful by taking advantage of these techniques.”

Even as a child, Mr. Roudebush always had a strong interest in video, but he credits Lenape Tech for providing an opportunity for him to explore his creativity and talents through hands-on learning. “Lenape established a base of professional knowledge that I still use today,” he says. “It definitely gave me a leg up on things. Even starting college, I was already two years ahead of the other students in terms of knowing how to use software and camera operations.”
“Brandon was such a hard-worker,” recalls Lenape program instructor Ed Dupaly. “He recognized that Advertising/Digital Technology presented a unique opportunity to learn things he loved at a high level. I saw his skills and creativity developing more every day, as he used Adobe software, computers, cameras, audio and video equipment, editing stations, and the television studio.”

Congratulations and best wishes for continued success to Lenape Tech alum, Brandon Roudebush!

About the Author:

Brandon Roudebush is an experienced Director of Photography, Camera Operator and 1st AC from Pittsburgh, as well as the founder of Pixelab Studios, LLC. He is an award-winning creator that blends storytelling with a cinematic style to create engaging content from creative concept to finished product. His work has received national recognition, working with some of the most well-known brands and production companies in the world.

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